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“Fright Sizing Your Construction Company”

  How to survive the Credit Crisis  Public Speech

February 2006

"Compared to the heyday of the 1990s, today’s contractors compete on thin margins with a reduced demand for work. Those who stay lean will earn the biggest share of the pie."

February 2012

"With a reduced demand for work, today’s contractors compete on thin margins at best. In order to succeed, your company must be flexible. Since the economy always rebounds, will your company be ready when the demand for work increases?"


June 2012

"Faced with stalled business opportunities and continued uncertainties of the future, many contractors are still unable to move forward; they are essentially stuck in Neutral."

Human Side of Construction
Human Side of Construction

How to Maximize profitability through efficiency

  Public Speech

March 2019

"The Human Side of Construction explores the connections between human behavior and financial performance."



She has 3 simple goals for her client relationships as a Surety Agent:


- Preserve & protect your wealth by helping you develop operational best practices to become a Best In Class Commercial Contractor.

- Provide continuous education in the areas of Getting Work, Doing Work & Keeping Score.

- Maintain excellent relationships with your Surety Partners to maximize your Bonding Program.


Martha Ann Marley has 31 years’ experience in the Surety Industry underwriting bonds for commercial construction projects totaling $10 Billion in contract value.

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